v3.8 r0071 - 2012/05/10
  • support of SQL Server 2012
  • minor UI enhancements
  • ability to export in XLS 2003 format
  • application pool improvement
  • silent logon to myLittleBackup was not working correctly with Chrome
  • cookies were not correctly stored in IE with high security level
  • use of CodeMirror 2.0 to colorize T-SQL scripts (http://codemirror.net)
  • ability to send the server address in the querystring in order to pre-fill the login form
  • ability to send the database name in the querystring in order to pre-fill the login form
  • Fixed - \ char were removed when opening a T-SQL file in the New Query Tool
  • Fixed - In some very specific cases, queries were executed twice in the New Query Tool
  • added the property "required" for the askdb option
v3.7 r0069 - 2010/06/28
  • New Query Tool - RowCount and TextSize default values can now be defined in the config.xml
  • Security update - Metacharacters filtering from user input
  • Security update - Was possible to display an ASP.NET error message when a 404 error was occuring
  • Session time-out is not limited to 20 mins anymore
  • GUI to change object schema
v3.6a r0067 - 2010/03/24
  • Restore WH Wizard: the dbowner is reset to its initial value after the restore
v3.6 r0065 - 2010/01/26
  • The SP node was not correctly displayed when the db had more than 50 sps
  • Fixed a minor bug in the table creation page
  • Ability to type SQL Server address in the login page (Datacenter Edition Only)
  • Maximum size is now displayed in the db property page
v3.5a r0061 - 2009/09/03
  • Security update - Connection String Injection
  • Fixed a minor bug in the Query tool (failed to enable constraints)
v3.5 r0058 - 2008/09/01
  • Ability to define the column separator for CSV export in the Preferences page
  • InitialCatalog can be specified with the Silent logon module
  • Binary values are now displayed in the content browser
  • New Query tool is now able to display XML, Binary, GUID types
  • Backup and Backup Webhosting wizards now offer compression possibilities (New SQL 2008 feature)
  • New SQL 2008 Encryption (TDE) database properties
  • New SQL 2008 FILESTREAM feature is supported when creating a new database
  • Silent logon now supports Windows Authentication mode
  • Ability to filter table and view content, and to export the filtered content
  • A webhosting profile template has been added
  • "CSV import" wizard enhancements.
  • A new Server Info page has been added
  • Ability not to display system objects (through the profile file)
  • "Generate INSERT script" tool enhancements: several options have been added, binary values are now computed.
  • Treeview enhancement
  • System views content can now be browsed
  • Content grid enhancements
  • Better display for the waiting box
  • Support of the new SQL2008 date/time data types.
v3.2 r0036 - 2007/10/23
  • Important kernel changes
  • possibility to check for updates
  • Several minor bugs have been fixed
v3.1g r0033 - 2007/08/10
  • Possibility to jump to a specified page while browsing the data
  • Navigation inside the data has been improved
  • Fixed: In some case, the databases were not all listed (only occured with v3.1f)
  • Ability to choose between CLUSTERED and NONCLUSTERED when creating a primary key
v3.1f r0031 - 2007/06/22
  • Possibility to define the default language in the config file
  • Possibility to define the number of records per page in the Preferences
  • Added several space properties in the database properties page
  • Added the possibility to silent log into myLittleBackup
  • Text areas were too small in Firefox
  • Message window was too big with 800x600 screen resolution
v3.1e r0026 - 2007/05/18
  • Checks MS SQL version and possibility to redirect to MLA2000
  • Possibility to ask the intial catalog in the login page
  • An error occured when a theme was defined in the root level web.config
v3.1d r0023 - 2007/01/24
  • Silent logon module has been added
  • An error was occuring on x64 server
v3.1c r0021 - 2006/11/28
  • in the New Query tool, no result were displayed when running a stored procedure if this stored procedure was using #temp tables
  • in the New Query tool, an error was occuring when the query was ending with the GO keyword
  • it was not possible to export in CSV, XML, XLS when myLittleAdmin was running under https
v3.1b r0018 - 2006/10/20
  • added the possibility to use a sysadmin connection to perform backup/restore
  • restore WH Tools: if the restore process fails, we try to set back the db user access to MULTI_USER
  • even when create was set to false in the profile.xml file, it was possible to create a new extended property
v3.1 r0015 - 2006/09/04
  • Ability to set permissions for each object
  • Extended properties management
  • New Backup and Restore wizards specially developed for and with web-hosting companies
  • A Quick Start Guide is now available
  • All tools have a new Message tab. A waiting popup has also been added when needed.
  • Asymetric keys are now listed
  • Certificates are now listed
  • Inline Table Functions were not listed
  • Connection options are now defined in the config file
  • New query: an error was occuring when the query was containing the GOTO keyword
  • Several minor bugs have been fixed
v3.0 r0013
  • Official release